Buzzard Broad Jump
Here is a small piece of animation I did of a Buzzard doing a broad jump.

The original animation was done as a simple bean shape that represented just the body mass anticipating and then jumping across the screen and coming to a stop.

I then drew the character around the rough animation, adding in all the anticipating and overlapping action of the arms, head and legs.

There are 32 drawings total here, 12 of them are key poses. The bulk of the keys are on every 2nd drawing from 9, (the low point of the anticipation to the jump) through to 26, (the low point of the landing).

The timing was also very eccentric; rather than have all the inbetweens as straight halves, I timed most of them out as favours, either into or out of the key to make the action more snappy.

This sort of timing is not recommended unless you:

1) really know what you're doing,
2) have a really good assistant animator, or
3) you're going to inbetween it all yourself.

Click here if you want to see all the key drawings and the timing charts by themselves.

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